Getting Started With PÜL

Here is a quick guide on how to get started improving your hydration with the PÜL app.

Already have a PÜL SmartCap?

If you have a PÜL SmartCap and need help getting setup, check out our Quick Start Guide.

Don't have a PÜL SmartCap?

No problem, you can use the app without one or get one later.


1. Setup Integrations

PÜL works best when it can dynamically update your hydration goals based on factors like weather and activity. To set this up go to Settings > Integrations.

2. Setup Drink Favorites

Keeping track of what you drink is what PÜL is all about. To make this easy, add your most common drinks to your drink favorites list. To set this up go to Settings > Drink Favorites.

3. Setup Habits

We understand that it can be tedious to add drinks. To make tracking easier and more accurate, you can automate drinks you have on a regular basis. To set this up go to Settings > Habits.