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Can I wash my PÜL in the dishwasher?

The main cap and flowmeter must be washed by hand because the heat from the dishwasher may damage them. However, everything else is perfectly dishwasher-safe. We recommend periodically removing your slider and bumper and tossing them in the dishwasher for a quick clean.

What do the light colors mean?

(See color guide for more detail)

Blue  - On-track with your daily hydration goal

Pink - Behind on your daily hydration goal

Yellow (Rotating) - Charging

Green - Fully charged

Purple > White - Firmware update in progress

Can I drink hot liquids through my PÜL?

Although hot liquids will not damage PUL, we strongly advise against drinking hot liquids through your cap. This can put you at risk of burning yourself if the liquid comes out accidentally. Also, it is never recommended to drink hot liquid through a straw because you risk burning your mouth.