Optimize your hydration journey with the PÜL SmartCap – the fun and easy way to automatically track and receive drink reminders.

I never knew how under hydrated I was until I started using PÜL. Now I know I'm hydrated and boy it feels good!

Kris G.
Santa Rosa, CA

I've felt great for a week. This is life changing for everybody. I just bought 4 more SmartCaps for my employees.

Jon A.
Beaumont, TX

PÜL makes me love drinking water!

Krystal N.
San Diego, CA

Awesome lights! Makes drinking fun. #stayhydrated

Katie K.
Los Angeles, CA

Love being able to measure how much I drink. Now I know when I'm falling behind.

John G.
Los Angeles, CA

What is PÜL?

Optimize Your Hydration

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Increase Physical Performance

Improve Immune Response

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