Welcome to the PÜL Smart Cap quick start guide.

Breathe easy — we've made it short and simple.

You should have:

Download the PÜL App


How to Charge

Pairing with PÜL App

First time pairing device

1. Open PÜL App

2. Navigate to Settings > Connect Device

3. Plug Cap into powerFollow pairing instructions in the app

Previously paired device

1. Open app

2. Initialize a device sync by

- Drinking from cap

- Tapping the top (If touch sensor is enabled)

- Plugging into power

How to Clean

⚠️ Do NOT wash cap in dishwasher. 

Only removable parts can be washed in dishwasher.

1. Remove slider, bumper, flow sensor, and straw

2. Run soap and warm water through the straw coupling and flow sensor

3. Wash slider and bumper in dishwasher or in sink with soap and warm water.

4. Wipe down cap with a wet soapy paper towel

5. Rinse off in sink

⚠️ Do NOT submerge underwater.

Removing Bumper

Removing Bumper

Removing Flow Meter

Removing Straw

Removing Handle