Understand your hydration like never before.

We believe everyone should enjoy the benefits of hydration, so we made the PÜL app free to use. Download now to start optimizing your hydration.

Works seamlessly with the PÜL SmartCap

Measure every sip at its precise time so that your hydration patterns can be analyzed against other high-resolution biometric data like heart rate, HRV, and blood glucose.

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Adaptive Hydration Goals

PÜL uses advanced algorithms and AI to generate individualized hydration plans for optimizing health, recovery, and performance.

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Powerful Integrations

PÜL integrates it with health apps, wearables, and metadata to enable continuous monitoring of factors that impact your hydration.

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  • Dark & Light Modes

    New goals each day based on factors like weather, exercise, and more.

  • Social Community

    Stay motivated with friends through nudges, streaks, challenges, and leaderboards.

  • 120+ Drink Types & Nutrition

    Track key nutrients like calories, electrolytes, caffeine, sugar, and alcohol.

  • Automate Habits

    Automate tracking of regular drinks like your daily coffee.

  • Powerful Insights & Analytics

    See common trends, and understand how hydration impacts health over the long-term.

  • Intelligent Hydration Reminders

    Get context-based reminders when you are behind on your hydration or warnings when you drink a little too much.

Built on science.

Developed with world-renowned hydration and cognitive-behavioral scientists. PÜL regularly delivers cutting-edge research to help unlock optimal health and performance.

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