What is the Relationship Between Hydration + Aging?

What is the Relationship Between Hydration + Aging?

Longevity is something that people are always seeking. Trying all different kinds of diets, supplements, and even specific mental health practices. Despite the countless stories and myths, nothing has come close to providing eternal youth.

"I would say every single disease is in some way tied to a lack of proper hydration," says Angela Stanton, Ph.D. and author of Fighting the Migraine Epidemic: Complete Guide.

Living a healthy lifestyle and staying adequately hydrated provides you with the building blocks you will need to obtain longevity.

The Link Between Hydration + Longevity

On average, a person's body composition is roughly 60 percent water, but the number can vary between 45-75 percent depending on the individual.

"Cells in the human body are mostly made up of water. If you're [dehydrated], you're not replacing the water that the body is losing. Then the cells can't survive...even if you don't die, you may end up getting sick," says Stanton.

Drinking adequate amounts of clean, high-quality water not only keeps thirst at bay but also helps every organ, tissue, and cell in your body perform optimally.

Staying adequately hydrated detoxifies your system, improves digestion, and boosts cognition, all of which are markers of a healthy lifestyle.  

"Being even slightly dehydrated can impact metabolism and reduce any type of athletic capabilities or any type of physical activity and organ performance," says Molly Knudsen, MS, RDN and Team Nutritionist at InsideTracker.

This study echoes Knudsen's observations. In human trials, researchers analyzed data from the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) study. The researchers revealed the importance of hydration in reducing the risk of developing degenerative diseases such as chronic lung disease, stroke, and high blood pressure.

In the same study involving mice, the researchers noted that even mild dehydration shorted lifespan by up to 14 months. On the other hand, the mice with access to unlimited amounts of water had longer lifespans when compared with mice that had unlimited access to water.

Hydration + Aging

According to Knudsen, proper hydration is an essential component to expanding one's lifespan, especially with the physiological changes that occur with aging.

As we age, our bodies aren't as efficient with body heat regulation. "So, it's not necessarily that we should consume more water as we age, but we should be aware that we're at more of a risk of dehydration due to that altered thirst regulation or because of appetite changes," says Knudsen.

The Importance of Drinking Clean Water

A 2017 study was conducted to document the health benefits of drinking quality water. The study focused on the people of Mayang, Hunan Province, China, because the water in that area is low alkaline while rich in essential trace minerals such as calcium and selenium, which were higher than any other province in the country.  

When the study concluded, researchers saw a correlation between essential trace elements in the drinking water with longevity as many residents lived to be 100 years of age.

As adults, the body water composition varies significantly between genders as men hover around 60 percent water while women’s bodies comprise about 50 percent water.

Such stark differences in water composition depend on body size and the ratio of muscle to the fat that makes up a person's composition. This can vary from person to person.

It may surprise you to learn that babies are born with a water composition of around 78 percent. By one year of age, that number plummets to approximately 65 percent, and the number continues to fall as age progresses.  

According to Dr. Stanton, just about all illnesses are linked to a lack of hydration. The most common are headaches. "Most people who have a headache typically have a headache because they aren't hydrated properly or aren't drinking enough water," says Dr. Stanton.

It's no wonder that humans have such a profound link to water.

Unfortunately, the mythical Fountain of Youth doesn't exist. Drinking plenty of clean, high-quality water can help you live a life with a lower chance of developing life-altering diseases. With our PÜL® App and The PÜL® SmartCap™ you can improve your hydration habits and overall health.


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