Common Questions

How often do I need to clean my PÜL?

Because the bumper and slider make the most contact with the area where you place your mouth, they will need to be cleaned the most often. Fortunately, we made them very easy to clean. Just pop them off and toss them in the dishwasher. We recommend doing this about once a week or as needed.

The main cap and flow meter should be washed by hand in the sink with hot water and soap. If you are only drinking water from your cap, then we recommend doing this about once every two weeks or as needed.

Can I wash my PÜL in the dishwasher?

The main cap and flow meter must be washed by hand because the heat from the dishwasher may damage them. However, everything else is perfectly dishwasher safe. We recommend periodically removing your slider and bumper and tossing them in the dishwasher for a quick clean.

Can I drink hot liquids through my PÜL?

Although hot liquids will not damage PUL, we strongly advise against drinking hot liquids through your cap. This can put you at risk of burning yourself if the liquid comes out accidentally. Also, it is never recommended to drink hot liquid through a straw because you risk burning your mouth.

Can I track drinks other than water through my PÜL?

Yes! You can set any drink type you want as the default drink type for your bottle. For example, if you have a bottle that you only use for sports drinks, you can set that bottle to log your drinks as a sports drink instead of water. However, thicker drinks like a protein smoothie are not recommended as they may affect the accuracy of the flow meter.

Why does PÜL need my location?

PÜL needs your location to determine the weather conditions (temperature and humidity) outside, which it uses to dynamically adjust each day’s hydration goal. Your location is never shared or used for any other purpose than getting the current weather.

What happens if I get water in the charging port?

Nothing. PÜL’s charging port is designed to be waterproof so that you can hand wash your cap worry-free.

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